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Utterz brings voice to bloggers

Bloggers using WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and LiveJournal can mobile post instantly, right from their cell phone, using any combination of voice, text, photos and video with Utterz AutoPost.

Blog entries appear exactly as if they were posted from the computer. Utterz AutoPost works with all cell phones to let bloggers post new entries as easily as talking and lets them post pictures, videos and text from anywhere.

Getting started with Utterz AutoPost takes only minutes and requires no changes to the blog page. To use AutoPost, bloggers set up a free account at, add location info about their blog and start moblogging.

By calling 712-432-Mooo (6666) to record voice "utterz" and sending text, pictures and video from their phones to, bloggers can create multi-media posts that are placed directly in their blog stream.

"I couldn't believe how easy it was to set up, and how an Utterz AutoPost blends in so well with the other posts on my blog that were created the old-fashioned way," said Laura Tucker, author of the LauraBelle, In So Many Words blog. "I was never able to keep up with my blog as much as I wanted to, but now with Utterz, I can do it from anywhere, in seconds, and in my own voice. Having your thoughts recorded in your own voice seems to personalize the blogging experience. I've noticed a great increase in the views of my blog since I've started utter-ing."

Blogging On Demand

For bloggers everywhere, Utterz AutoPost provides new on-demand blogging possibilities. They now have mobile blogging capability wherever they have a cell phone. For example, bloggers can now provide:

* On-the-spot reporting from or about events and conferences;

* Daily updates during road trips;

* Instant movie reviews while still at the theater;

* Exclusive video footage and pictures from the scene of any event;

* Comments on political or social hot topics as soon as they happen.

In the coming months, Utterz AutoPost will be extended to include additional blogging platforms. Utterz widgets are also available to allow users to post voice, text, pictures and video to any other blog, social network or web page.

"Utterz AutoPost not only makes blogging simple, it makes it better," said Michael Bayer, co-founder and CEO of RPM Communications, the parent company of Utterz. "Voice adds a completely new dimension to blog posts. Speaking your thoughts is so much more natural than just typing or texting them, and it's the only way to share your emotion and personality with your followers. Sharing your experiences, along with pictures and video, right when they happen, brings blogs to life."

Utterz On Facebook, Too

Utterz also recently released the Utterz Facebook application which lets Facebook users post directly to their Facebook profile in voice, video, pictures and text.

Facebook users are already using Utterz to chronicle their lives, trips, funny thoughts and experiences anytime, anywhere. Visitors to their Facebook pages can instantly hear and see their most recent utters as well as previous entries.

The full-featured Facebook application of Utterz is available now to all users in the application section of Facebook.

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