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New software tackles identity theft problem

Personal information leakage from computers is at an all-time high. Recently the Associated Press covered stories ranging from SSNs being stolen via commonly used consumer file sharing networks to TJX spending tens of millions of dollars to investigate and compensate potential victims after a security breach of over 45 million credit and debit cards.

Internet security experts say that one billion searches are conducted daily over peer-to-peer networks and that many involve terms that appear to be attempts by would-be thieves to dig up people's sensitive documents and personal information.

We know that over $100 billion in identity theft has been reported by consumers and businesses over the past two years. We also know that many more thefts go unreported and that someone becomes a victim of identity theft every two seconds in America.

Individuals and corporations have assumed they were protected against electronic identity fraud because they installed anti-virus or anti-spyware software on their computers. They learned a hard lesson when they realized that was not the case. The problem is that personally identifiable information resides unprotected on computers and people don't realize they're not doing enough to protect it. If they're not protecting their most sensitive information, it is left vulnerable to future exposure.

Velosecure has just released a major upgrade of its software to solve these problems and prevent identity theft, Identity Finder 3.0.

The new version includes all the features of prior releases -- such as the ability to automatically search for social security numbers, credit card numbers, and other confidential information inside documents, spreadsheets, e-mails, web browsers, and hidden areas of computers.

It then helps individuals securely delete the data or protect the information with encryption.

Identity Finder 3.0 adds the ability to:

- Quarantine files by securely moving them to safe locations

- Search for worldwide personal information commonly used in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom

- Store passwords safely using an encrypted password manager

- Search for your own patterns of data using Regular Expressions

- Connect to computers remotely and automatically search across your network

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