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SkillSoft Survey Reveals Significant Percentage of Employees Question the Abilities of their Boss

SkillSoft PLC, a provider of e-learning and performance support solutions for global enterprises, government, education, and small to medium- sized businesses, today announced, in conjunction with National Boss' Day, the results of a revealing survey about management perceptions in the workplace.

The SkillSoft survey found that more than 35 percent of employees do not consider their boss a leader and 30 percent of employees do not think their boss is qualified for the job.

For the study, SkillSoft interviewed over 200 employees, ranging from entry-level to executive positions, in IT, sales and marketing, customer service, finance, human resources, administration, and other roles.

Over 80 percent of the participants were under the age of fifty; over 40 percent have been in their field for over 10 years; and almost half were from the field of information technology.

The study included participants from all areas of the United States and over 60 percent have been with their employer for more than three years.

The study went on to further reveal that 65 percent of employees in IT- related roles would attest to their boss' leadership skills, as opposed to a grim 51 percent of employees in sales and marketing that questioned the ability of their boss to lead their department.

"This new report uncovers an all too common challenge plaguing businesses," said John Ambrose, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Corporate Development & Emerging Business for SkillSoft. "Managers are likely to receive little or no guidance in developing strong leadership skills. However, management training is an integral component for enhancing employee productivity, improving job satisfaction, reducing employee turnover and maintaining agility in the workforce."

Most of these skills can be acquired through a corporate training program that incorporates a mix of e-learning components such as knowledge portals, leadership training videos and online content geared towards management and leadership issues.

By making these resources available, managers are able to acquire the leadership skills required to guide, nurture, and inspire their staff. The result is a more knowledgeable, effective and motivated organization.

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