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Ethos Networks Launches to Enable Carriers to Offer Unlimited Services over Ethernet

Ethos Networks is launching today to help global carriers address the challenges of providing competitive IP services.

Ethos Networks which secured an additional US$8m of funding, provides a dramatically different connection-oriented Ethernet solution.

The solution allows carriers to increase profitability by offering an unlimited range of services with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS), at a low total cost of ownership.

By being able to guarantee end-to-end QoS and offer an unlimited variety of services, Ethos Networks' solution enables carriers to increase revenues and reduce the total cost of managing Ethernet networks.

At a recent conference in New York, Dr. Yuval Davidor, Chief Executive Officer at Ethos Networks, highlighted that carriers risk losing millions in revenues as existing Ethernet systems are not able to cope with the new services operators hope to launch. Operators' networks are under enormous pressure as they push for increased performance and profitability.

The key to unlocking the value of data networks is convergence of high level, high margin guaranteed services with an extensive mix of many levels of differentiated SLAs (service level agreements).

This is the only way for carriers to fully exploit the demand from consumers and their varying willingness to pay.

Current converged networks cannot deliver multiple differentiated services with guaranteed service levels; a problem that is being compounded by the exponential growth in broadband access and the launch of new services, such as video, which has put enormous pressure on carriers' networks.

Current Ethernet networks have only limited QoS and provisioning mechanisms and therefore may fail to provide the scale and flexibility carriers require to deploy new data services.

For example, vast deployments of IPTV broadcast require the fine management of every subscriber's stream as well as meeting strict quality levels in multipoint networking.

Video on Demand (VoD) deployments require dynamic, flexible management of customers' bandwidth in real-time.

Both are out of scope of today's Ethernet capabilities.

Ethos Networks' solution replaces the unpredictable behaviour of existing networks with predictable and controlled behaviour by dynamically engineering the traffic to help carriers deliver a vast range of services.

"The telecoms sector has changed considerably over recent years and today's carriers face an intensely competitive market", commented Dr. Yuval Davidor, Chief Executive Officer at Ethos Networks.

"Limitations on existing packet networks mean that some operators have had to delay the launch of converged networks and new services like IPTV and L2 VPNs. With Ethos' solution, carriers no longer need to compromise on the service mix, level of profitability or the number of new services launched. For the first time, operators have the ability to operate a truly converged service where one network can handle all the different services."

Its current financiers and the new carrier investor helped Ethos Networks raise the additional US$8m.

Ethos Networks was co-founded by Dr. Yuval Davidor, Mr. Hayim Porat and Mr. Adam Dunsky to allow operators to realise the full potential of the Next Generation Ethernet.

Dr Davidor has brought together an experienced management team with a combined total of over 80 years of experience in the sector having worked with companies such as Nokia Siemens, ECI, Corrigent, Atrica, RAD and Cisco.

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