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Top five trends in virtualisation

Research conducted by TechNavio from Infiniti Research, has found that there are a number of emerging trends in the adoption and implementation of virtualization applications throughout the data center.

The TechNavio application has identified a number of key trends in the adoption of virtualization including:

· Virtualization is expected to speed up the wider movement toward business process automation and remote collaboration. The TechNavio findings appear to indicate that the market in general is expecting a major investment in this area within the next two to three years

· Virtualization is also expected to boost the move toward network delivered computing or what is being termed PC-over-IP. This in turn will place vendors such as Cisco, NEC and Sun at the heart of the market, but interestingly leaves the door open for a host of innovative start-ups

· As application virtualization speeds up Applications development and maintenance or AMD, vendors have a real opportunity to grow into a new market defined as optimizing legacy applications for virtualization. TechNavio estimates this market to be worth around the $700 million figure in 2007 alone

· The biggest long term opportunity for virtualization vendors lies in the SMB space, specifically end-to-end solutions that allow SMBs to outsource and virtualize their entire network

· As the market for server virtualization heats up, finding people with the right skills is set to get harder. With this environment TechNavio predicts that there will be increased opportunities for IT services companies as well as for IT staffing solutions providers

S. Chand, co-founder of Infiniti Research and head of technical development for TechNavio, stated: “Currently the biggest beneficiaries of server virtualization are the enterprise users whose businesses tend to be dependent on running compute-heavy, high availability, application intensive data centers. These include: ISPs, hosting and managed service providers, bank’s trading divisions, gaming, online retailers and the like,”

“What is driving this trend today amongst existing users is the combination of the management flexibility and provisioning, the power savings and the availability and inherent disaster recovery, all of which will become increasingly attractive to the broader market over time,” he concluded.

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