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World’s First 19-inch CAT5 Dual Rail Integrated LCD KVM Switch launched

ATEN International, a manufacturer of advanced connectivity solutions, unveiled the 8-Port and 16-Port CAT5 Dual Rail LCD KVM Switches, the KL1508 and KL1516 from its ALTUSEN product line.

They are the world’s first CAT5 KVM switches to feature a dual rail 19-inch LCD monitor (a 17-inch model is also available) and keyboard with built-in touchpad.

The innovative KVM switches allow users to connect up to 8 or 16 servers of multiple platforms and to control them directly from the KVM switch console.

The KL1508 and KL1516 are extremely expandable as administrators can control up to 512 servers through daisy chaining.

Within ATEN’s dual-rail design, the KL1508 and KL1516 allow the keyboard and touchpad to slide back while the LCD panel remains in plain sight.

Administrators can monitor and troubleshoot servers even with the server rack door closed.

At the same time, the RJ-45 connectors and CAT5 (or higher) cable connection allow signals to travel up to 40 meters and maintain an excellent video quality (1280 x 1024 pixels).

Various KVM adapter cables designed with automatic conversion allow flexible interface combinations (PS/2, USB, Sun and serial) to control all computer types – PC, Mac, Sun and serial devices.

The KL1508 and KL1516 feature an 8 or 16 server port configuration respectively, and a housing of less then 1U for convenient rack mounting.

They are extremely compatible and expandable solutions.

Linked up with up to 31 additional units, the switches allow the installation to grow to 512 servers and to be controlled from the first unit.

Administrators can access the connected servers via conveniently located station and port selection switches with LED displays that indicate the station and port location and allow quick switching to target servers.

They can also use hotkey combinations or the intuitive OSD menu with a clear tree structure that makes locating and managing servers very easy.

The extra console port will connect to an additional console (monitor, PS/2 keyboard and mouse) for managing servers connected to the LCD KVM switch.

In addition, the KL1508 / KL1516 provide the Auto Scan Mode that enables continuous monitoring of user-selected servers.

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