New Patent paves the way for Password Breaking Networks

With the exponential rise in processing power of the microprocessor and the graphic processing unit, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a way of using the two most powerful components in a computer.

Elcomsoft, a company specialised in finding lost passwords, has revealed that it will be using a patent which allows it to use Nvidia GPUs (Geforce 8 and above) to crack through passwords at much higher speeds.

Next year's gaming computer will consist of up to four video cards and up to eight microprocessor cores, and could decrease the time it takes for a single core computer to find the right password from one year to one hour.

More worryingly though, it could herald a wave of gaming PC botnets specialised in the wholesale business of breaking passwords for almost anything, from applications to online services.

Patent filed for revolutionary technique to quickly recover lost passwords.