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Germans brings Two-tier internet to Europe

DSL Prime's editor, Dave Burstein reports that Deutsche Telekom wants the Bertelmans, Burdas and Googles of the world to pay it to deliver their multimedia content to its German customers.

In a scenario reminiscent of what happened in the US last year, Wolfgang Schmitz, a senior executive vice president of Deutsche Telecom, maintained that it was necessary to charge companies a fee in order to maintain and regulate the quality of service over the network.

Operators in the rest of the European Union will probably not follow Deutsche Telekom's lead and one might even wonder whether the European Commission might not want to ask German regulators to break up DT in order to create competition.

Market analysts have also pointed out that "dumb networks" like the one operated by French operator Free (opens in new tab) are offering HD content, 28mbps Internet, free television and telephone for under Eur 30 using far less resources (both in hardware and man power) than DT and with much better Quality of Service (QoS).

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