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Israeli Parliamentary Web site hacked

Interesting to see reports from Israel (opens in new tab)that the official Web site of the Knesset - the Israeli parliament - was well and truly hacked over the weekend.

According to the Xinhua newswire (opens in new tab), the main pages on the site were changed and defaced by the unknown hackers, with words such as `soon to be jailed' and `fraud' added to the profiles of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his former finance minister Avraham Hirchson.

The Jerusalem Post, meanwhile, (opens in new tab) says that the Knesset Guard - the security peeps at the Israeli Parliament - have filed a formal complaint with police over the incident.

In case you hadn't already googled Olmert (opens in new tab), he's been questioned a couple of times by the police in recent weeks and is facing a total of three investigations over fraud, corruption and bribery.

Former finance minister Hirchson, meanwhile, was charged last week with embezzlement.

But hey - as they say - that's politics baby...