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Vonage in trouble over its VOIP vulnerabilities

Vonage (opens in new tab), one of the longest-running VOIP services in the US - and here in Europe, though you'd never know it -Ed- has come under fire for reportedly failing to respond (opens in new tab)to Sipera Systems' notification of a serious security flaw in its VOIP technology more than a month ago.

Vonage has reportedly refused to talk to the press about Sipera's claims, which seem to stem from the fact that it's possible to spoof Vonage's servers into thinking that your IP call is coming into their servers from your normal IP address.

Having said that, VOIP security generally has never been any great shakes (opens in new tab) - unless you source a dedicated business system with correspondingly higher costs - simply because of the fact that you don't need to physically tap the phone line, as is the case with boring old PSTN calls.

Poor old Vonage. The company has been hit by lawsuits (opens in new tab) from the likes of Sprint and Verizon, and, despite having 2.5 million punters on its service, has made heavy losses over the past few years.

Actually scrub the `poor old Vonage' comment - the company loaned me a review system when it launched its UK VOIP service a good few years ago and the modem was poorly built. On top of that the power supply was a 110 volt US/UK kludge that regularly overheated.

Oh, and the service had more echoes on it than the first satellite trans-atlantic phone call service in the 1960s.

I sent in quite a detailed report on the system's shortcomings to the company's UK peeps. Did they listen? Did theyrespond? Did they... NO CARRIER