iPhone to become most stolen phone in the UK?

The iPhone will be launched in the UK in a few days and may well become a status symbol icon at launch for thieves and criminals, although Apple says that iPhones can't be unlocked or unblocked.

But let's face it. Many teenagers use their £200 mobile phones to listen to music blasted on their speakers where a £1 radio could do the trick.

Jack Wraith, chair of mobile phone trade body the MICAF (Mobile Industry Crime Action Forum), argues that the iPhone is iconic and will become one of those nice-to-have items.

The news come as the MICAF announced that Mobile operators are successfully blocking every phone on their own networks within 24 hours if reported stolen, according to tests run by group.

Home office statistics depict a worrying trend though as 800,000 mobile phones are stolen each year, which represent around one of every 70 mobile phones sold in the country.

What's more, many of these stolen mobile phones end up abroad where even older mobile phones still carry some value and unblocking/unlocking is not seen as illegal.

Furthermore, foreign networks do not always have a record of the stolen IMEI which makes transactions far easier.