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World’s first wireless memory card comes to digital cameras

Eye-Fi Inc., a company dedicated to helping people navigate, nurture and share their digital memories, unveiled the Eye-Fi Card - the world's first wireless SD memory card for digital cameras.

The Eye-Fi Card uses home Wi-Fi networks to create an effortless and convenient way for users to send photographs from digital cameras to PCs, Macs and online photo and social networking sites.

Priced at $99 with 2GB of storage, the Eye-Fi Card is available now from major online retailers.

“Digital cameras have made it extremely easy to take pictures, but the rest of the process is a hassle,” said Jef Holove, chief executive officer of Eye-Fi.

“The Eye-Fi Card removes the barriers and lets users get to the fun part of sharing and printing their memories. We’re putting the magic back into photography.”

Eye-Fi uses home wireless networks to eliminate the time-consuming chore of dealing with cables, card readers or software plug-ins associated with uploading photos.

Users simply turn on their digital camera and their pictures are wirelessly uploaded.

The Eye-Fi Card works with existing and new SD-compatible digital cameras and stores photos like a conventional SD memory card.

“We know that a large percent of digital images captured each day are never printed or shared. That adds up to significant lost revenues for photo sharing and printing sites,” said IDC analyst Ron Glaz.

“We anticipate wireless cameras will fundamentally change the way people manage their digital photographs in the future and believe that Eye-Fi Card will help drive these changes.”

How the Eye-Fi Card works

During a simple set-up process, users select from among 17 popular online photo sharing, social networking or blogging sites to share their photographs, and select where on their PC or Mac they want to archive their images.

Once the set-up is complete, users can focus on taking pictures and sharing memories – and not on the process of uploading photos from their camera.

Eye-Fi’s free upload service allows users to transfer an unlimited number of photos. It handles full-resolution JPEG pictures and intelligently resizes the images if required by the selected online destination.

“We’re thrilled to be among the first to sell the Eye-Fi Card and we expect it to be a big hit for the holidays,” said Aaron Maguire of “Eye-Fi understands how time-starved our customers are, and this solution matches our users’ needs.”

The 2GB wireless SD memory card, which holds approximately 1,000 images, is available now at major online retailers.

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