Intel to supply 150,000 laptops to Libya

There's nothing better than a little competition. Intel has teamed up with Microsoft to deliver a rugged USD 200 laptop called Classmate.

The two partners who form the Wintel alliance have secured a 150,000 order from Libya to supply those Classmate laptops.

Intel announced the laptop back in May 2006 thanks to competition from the One Laptop Per Child project which had already announced a similar project. Microsoft is rumoured to have prepared a special version of Windows XP for the platform although it is almost certainly not Windows XP embedded.

The Classmate's order comes a few days after Asus' similarly-priced EEE laptop debuted.

Both laptops are based on the same configuration (7-inch screen, Celeron 900MHz, NAND storage, touchpad) although the EEE has a different design and an altogether better look.

The Classmate, like the OLPC, feels more rugged and padded, almost Kid-proof, as Intel puts it.

The OLPC or USD 100 laptop, has had its fair share of bad news; delays in the production schedule coupled with rising price of components have caused the price of the laptop to rocket to USD 188, meaning that it is less enticing that it initially was.

Libya has already announced that it would be purchasing 500,000 OLPC laptops, down from an initial order of 1.2 million.