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O2's iPhone will be all but uncrackable

As O2 prepares to launch the iPhone (opens in new tab)via its retail stores and partner, Carphone Warehouse, this Friday, news reports suggest that O2 buyers of the iPhone will be amongst the first in the world to enjoy v1.1.2 of Apple's firmware for the mobile.

This latest version (opens in new tab) of the iPhone firmware will, I am reliably informed, completely seal up all (opens in new tab)of the unlocking system hacks that have gone before, include the TIFF loophole that allows programmer-level access to the operating system of the handset.

Apple plans to release the new firmware to US users of the iPhone over the coming weekend, but I doubt that many punters will go for the new firmware, as it also locks down most unapproved third party applications for the iPhone.

O2 and Apple are taking no chances that iPhone users will downgrade to earlier versions of the iPhone's operating system, however, as some reports suggest that some of the O2 iPhone services, including its free usage of public access WiFi services (opens in new tab)from The Cloud, won't work if v1.1.2 of the firmware isn't loaded.

Nice to see that restrictive practices (opens in new tab)are alive and kicking in the latter half of the first decade of the new century, eh folks?

Me, I won't be buying an iPhone in a hurry, as I'm waiting for the LG Viewty (opens in new tab)to blow it away in 3G data terms...