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Best Practices in Optimizing WAN for Application Acceleration revealed

The report, prepared by the Aberdeen group and sponsored by Mazu Networks, examines how organizations are monitoring, optimizing and controlling their WAN to streamline business processes, optimize networking costs and support new technology rollouts.

In addition, it highlights how deployment of technology solutions for WAN optimization and application acceleration enables Best-in-Class organizations to improve application performance and achieve cost savings.

The report revealed that 93 percent of respondents indicated that they need more visibility into and control over the performance of their networks.

As organizations are leveraging bandwidth-intense applications, finding the balance between maximizing network and application performance and optimizing costs to operate and manage the network is becoming increasingly important.

Eighty-seven percent of organizations reported that managing their networks has become more complex over the last two years.

"Most organizations make increasing bandwidth one of the first steps for increasing network capacity.

Instead, organizations first need to develop capabilities to achieve full visibility into what is going on in the network so they can identify which applications consume bandwidth and detect potential bottlenecks," said Bojan Simic, research analyst at Aberdeen Group.

"This allows them to make educated decisions about the technologies they should use and the services they need to optimize. Without this critical first step, they may not be achieving the maximum increase in application performance. Technologies such as NBA help automate best-practice processes and provide this critical visibility into network performance and bandwidth consumption on WANs."

Best-in-Class organizations are taking a lifecycle approach to deploying technology solutions to improve performance of applications running on their networks.

These organizations are adopting strategies, developing internal capabilities and leveraging technology to optimize their WANs for application acceleration.

This type of approach, which includes optimization, acceleration and control integrated with ongoing monitoring and analyzing, enables Best-in-Class organizations to achieve a superior performance when compared against their peers.

The research report indicates that Best-in-Class organizations reported a 1158 percent average improvement in response times for business critical applications and an 87 percent average improvement in bandwidth utilization.

Additionally, 100 percent of Best-in-Class organizations reported decreases in WAN latency.

The report recommends that in order to achieve Best-in-Class performance, companies must develop capabilities for monitoring and analyzing performance of applications that are running on their WANs, use historical data to plan changes in bandwidth capacit, Deploy technology solutions for shaping WAN traffic, Develop controls to limit use of bandwidth for applications.

Désiré Athow

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