Facebook prepares for Pandemic and Beacon

Tomorrow, Facebook, the world's second largest social network, will provide with more details about Project Beacon and perhaps a bit more.

According to a post on last Friday's Techcrunch website, Project Beacon aims at enhancing the integration between Facebook profiles and non Facebook websites.

Think of it as an affiliate program which uses social networks as the gateway; more interestingly, your transactions will be reported on your mini-feed for your friends and relations to see and (hopefully for Facebook's coffers), embrace and buy.

The other project that is causing a major concern (and buzz) in the webosphere, is Pandemic which, according to well-read insider website, Venturebeat, will "introduce pages that advertisers can buy, and which can include interactive games or other applications of the advertisers’ choosing."

Facebook has christened (and trademarked) the service as SocialAds.

Already though some voices are being raised regarding the privacy aspect of such an endeavour, although the whole issue might be circumvented if users start lying "en masse" about their personal information - something against which Facebook seemingly would have no solution.

One thing that seems to be certain is that this will have an impact on major Facebook applications like Slide, RockYou, iLike, Flixster and others as Facebook tries to defeat the entities which brought fame and power to it.