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MySpace Announces ''SelfServe by MySpace'' Advertising Platform

MySpace announced plans to introduce “SelfServe by MySpace,” a new advertising platform that builds upon MySpace’s targeting technology and empowers users such as small business owners, bands, and politicians to purchase, create and analyze the performance of ads throughout the MySpace network.

SelfServe by MySpace is the first platform to provide customized tools for small businesses to generate and target display ads to their desired customers in a social media environment.

“SelfServe by MySpace leverages our industry-leading ad targeting platform, enabling anyone to create meaningful business and promotional campaigns through the vast friend networks they’ve built on the MySpace platform,” said Michael Barrett, Chief Revenue Officer for Fox Interactive Media. “Targeting is for everyone—from the smallest band to the biggest brand—now MySpace provides a solution for anyone looking to advertise on the most trafficked site in the country.”

The SelfServe by MySpace advertising platform will give any user the opportunity to create customized advertising through a new ad creation tool.

The tool will enable users to select from a number of ad targeting factors such as geographic, demographic, and various user interest categories.

After selecting their desired ad placement within the MySpace network, all SelfServe participants will use the customized tool to pay for their ads and initiate placement.

All users registered for SelfServe by MySpace will have access to analytics tools enabling them to track their ad performance.

"MySpace is the first and only place where a small business can create a display advertising campaign and target it to their desired customer," said Chris DeWolfe, CEO and co-founder of MySpace.

“There are 23 million small businesses in the U.S. and less than a million advertise online. SelfServe is designed for the millions of businesses that don’t advertise online today—we want to bring that new class of advertisers to MySpace.”

Separately today, the company announced the completion of the first phase of another new advertising platform, HyperTargeting by MySpace which allows marketers to buy advertising targeted to specific interest-based segments of the MySpace audience. Since its launch in July, brands have experienced performance lifts of up to 300% on the HyperTargeting by MySpace platform.

MySpace will continue to evolve its current, industry leading advertising model, which includes customized communities, multi-platform integrated marketing campaigns, and the HyperTargeting and SelfServe ad platforms.

Désiré Athow

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