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Supermicro Announces World's Densest Blade Server With Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processors

Super Micro Computer has introduced a new addition to the SuperBlade family.

With 16 cores and 64GB of DDR2 memory, the SuperBlade SBA-7141M-T enables 160 processor cores and 640GB of DDR2 memory in ten blades per 7U enclosure, which also supports up to four networking switches.

The SuperBlade SBA-7141M-T supports both Quad-Core AMD Opteron 8300 Series and Dual-Core AMD Opteron 8200 Series processors at all speeds.

With AMD's new Dual Dynamic Power Management technology, SuperBlade SBA-7141M-T delivers breakthrough performance-per-watt.

In addition to the incredible density of up to 960 processor cores and 3.84TB of memory per 42U rack, the SuperBlade also features high-efficiency (up to 93%) power supplies and a flexible selection of hot-swap and redundant modules.

For networking, the choices include Gigabit Ethernet switch modules, Gibabit Ethernet pass-thru modules and 4x DDR (20Gbps) InfiniBand switch modules.

The SuperBlade also features a high bandwidth backplane with no active components for maximum reliability.

For the optimal redundant power configuration, customers can select up to four high-efficiency (90%+) 1400-watt, 2000-watt or 2500-watt power supply modules.

While one chassis management module (CMM) comes standard, the SuperBlade also supports a second CMM for redundancy.

Désiré Athow

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