Rupert Murdoch blasts Facebook

The CEO of News Corp. Rupert Murdoch hit out at Facebook at the Earnings call that the company had yesterday.

Murdoch praised the Open Social platform saying that it would enable developers to write a piece of code that would enable immediate distribution to 200 million homes.

He also mentioned the new initiative launched by Myspace - Self-serve - which would allow small businesses in the United States to advertise on Myspace without heavy overheads.

News Corp. CEO highlighted the fact that only 4% of the 23 million SMEs in America are currently advertising online, something that will certainly take heed of.

Facebook was not spared obviously as he compared the Myspace rival to a web utility like an online phonebook whereas Myspace is, according to him, more about a virtual internet home for Myspace users.

Overall, Myspace is doing pretty well with 45 billion page views per month (that's one in every 10 web pages viewed on the internet) with nearly 10 million new users joining in over the same period.

However, there are a few instances like the all-but-dead Myspace News, which may cause some concern in the Myspace Ecosystem.