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UK and Europe gearing up for iPhone launch

As the launch of the iPhone approaches, queues of afficionados have been building up near the flagship stores (especially the one near regent street).

In a move that will surely please exclusive partner O2, the phone (opens in new tab) will be sold at 18:02 exactly at which time the first of the 200,000 iPhones will be handed to happy owners, many of whom have been queuing overnight, over the next 60 days or so.

The phones will be available at Carphone Warehouse and Apple Stores all over the country.

iPhone fans will have to fork at least £899 during the first year of ownership as the £35 18-month contract does not include the phone.

A recent survey from M:metrics found out that there's a huge market of potential buyers looking to get some of the iPhone goodwill.

However, what many buyers are unaware of, is that the iPhone is already technologically obsolete as It comes only with GPRS connectivity and has only 8GB onboard memory.

It is unlikely though that these will discourage buyers from flocking to buy Apple's iConic phone; the iPhone might not be the most technologically advanced phone but it captures the essence of what a near-perfect phone should be.

Désiré Athow

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