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Super Zune

If you've got a Zune (and why not - they are neat devices) then congratulations. You've just got a new one, thanks to a spiffy new version of the firmware that has just been released for all the Zune devices.

I picked a Zune up in the 'states while I was out there earlier this year and they are rather neat. Kind of an ipod with a wifi twist and a nicer (to me anyway) music management tool. And they let you rent your music, which I really like.

If you are signed up with Zune you should be hearing about the upgrade soon.

The biggest improvement concerns the wifi support in the Zune device, which previously limited me to sharing audio files with the only other Zune owner I know in the UK, who lives in Wales.

You can now sync over wifi which means that I should now be able to wirelessly sync content with my home network.

I'm looking forward to playing with this, with a bit of luck I'll be able to move recorded TV programs onto my Zune to watch when I'm out and about.

There are also some very stylish changes to the user interface and the Zune marketplace has started to sprout free, unprotected MP3 files for your Zune too.

And the new PC based Zune player program is just beautiful.

In fact the only thing about the Zune I don't like is that it isn't on sale in the UK yet.....