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Is Apple planning a posh micro laptop for Macworld?

Apple aficionados Website Appleinsider, reveals that Apple will launch a new sub-notebook in January at the annual Macworld Expo and Conference.

The laptop will be probably manufactured by Asustek which has also debuted its own mini laptop, the Asus EEE and which is one of Apple's (opens in new tab) preferred partners.

Appleinsider says that the laptop will feature a 13-inch screen, an aluminium enclosure but no optical disc drives; a welcomed move as optical drives are power hungry devices and can always be connected as an external peripheral.

The laptop is apparently going to be presented as an ultra slim and chic laptop for Apple fanatics. There are rumours that the laptop will use LED backlights rather than normal LCD screens and it is a certainty that they will use Intel low power dual core processors.

Another almost sure bet is the inclusion of solid state memory. Ryan Block (opens in new tab) has successfully replaced an Apple laptop hard drive with a huge USD 2000 64GB SSD and has a video on its website.

32GB drives though are not that expensive - Ebuyer is selling a Samsung (opens in new tab) model for £189.99+VAT - which would make it the ideal partner for a £1000 laptop.

Désiré Athow

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