Facebook plans Chinese takeover

Cash rich Social Networking website Facebook is rumoured to have offered USD 85m to get its grips on Zhanzuo.com, a 7m member Chinese networking website, with more than 96% of its audience in Asia.

According to Alexa, the website is ranked in the top 250 in China, although for some reasons, the site's ranking tanked at the end of September, going from a top 200 website worldwide to a lowly 80,000 ranking.

Zhanzuo.com is apparently the largest independent Social network in China and would give Facebook, a nice back door to invade the red hot Chinese market.

The Times reports that Facebook has more than 100,000 users in China, is ranked amongst the top 100 most visited website in China and has also managed to grab the facebook.cn domain name.

The potential acquisition of a Chinese website by an American one raises a series of question notably over Privacy and Free speech as the recent spats between Chinese authorities and US Internet Companies (like Google, Yahoo and Wikipedia), have shown.

Myspace has already launched a Chinese version of their Social networking website and the website is already in the top 2000 worldwide, with a massive 25.4% of its audience coming from outside China.