Microsoft takes on Google Apps

Harvey Sanchez, the Online Strategy Lead for Microsoft Australia, has revealed that Microsoft is soft launching Live Community Builder (WLCB) which aims at providing a complete platform to businesses and organisations who want to build an online community based on some common grounds.

The move seems to be a direct pitch aimed at those who would be interested in Google Apps minus Google Docs.

For obvious reasons, Microsoft doesn't have any deadlines for launching an online, ad supported version of Google Docs.

WLCB allows you to get finished services like Hotmail, Skydrive (which Google doesn't have), Spaces, Messener and Calendar on your domain all for free.

At least for now... You can see more about the components on

The services are expected to be supported by advertising with a premium, advertising free version, probably on the way.

In other news, during the weekend, Google Gmail's email capacity leapfrogged Hotmail's one to reach 5.05GB.

It remains to be seen whether Yahoo is going to follow suit and launch a Yahoo services for communities and organisations.