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Swedish `security consultant' arrested

Interesting to see that a Swedish security consultant - who claimed to have discovered a security flaw in a private email system used by embassies around the world - was arrested (opens in new tab)late last week

The consultant, (opens in new tab) who has been named as Dan Egerstad, is reported to have been arrested at his flat by members of the Swedish Security Police and Swedish National Crime force.

Several PCs, CD-ROMs and portable hard drives were removed from his home by officials for "later examination."

According to to newswire reports (opens in new tab), Egerstad had warned a number of embassies and government agencies that their email accounts were open to hacking.

When his warnings were ignored, Egerstad is said to have posted log-in information for more than 100 email accounts at on his (opens in new tab)Web site.

Yep, I know, not exactly the best course of action - unless you want eight tons of security peeps battering down your door -Ed.

What I find really interesting is that Egerstad is reported to have been released by Swedish police after two hours of questioning and that no charges have been filed.

According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald (opens in new tab) (where else -Ed) the police broke Egerstad's wardrobe, shorted out his leccy and examined his book-keeping.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the raids were carried out without a court order - which may explain why Egerstad was released so quickly...