T-Mobile forced to unlock iPhone in Germany

T-Mobile has lost its case against Vodafone in court and has been forced to sell the iPhone as an unlocked phone.

But the German company is charging a hefty 999 Euros, 600 Euros more than the cost of the iPhone from T-Mobile.

The extra cost apparently represents the lost revenue that T-Mobile will incur for every unlocked iPhone sold.

In the hindsight, it might be better just to go for the two year contract with T-Mobile which costs only 277 Euros extra, over and above the 999 Euros price of an unlocked iPhone.

It will be interesting to see how much Orange is going to charge its users for an unlocked iPhone in France after it became clear that the company is going to follow French laws and offer both version of the phone.

Some have also questioned whether the iPhone (and to a lesser degree Google Android Platform) is going to change the way hardware manufacturers will deal with the network operators like Vodafone or Orange.

Unlike many of its direct competitors, the iPhone is not compatible with 3G networks and offer only a 2MP digital camera.