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Golden Rant : Microsoft Vista SP1 - about as much use as a chocolate teapot...

It's now all almost a year since Microsoft Vista was unleashed on a beta test basis to major corporates and selected journalists like my good self.

Despite this, I've lost count of the number of companies where the new operating system has not been adopted. Excuses range from bugs through to the fact that the security features of Vista are incompatible with the firm's existing IT security systems.

On top of this, even Microsoft insiders have admitted that the software giant traded general operating system usability to add some of Vista's security features, such as the UAC - User Account Control - feature that has many users tearing their hair out with frustration.

In case you haven't used Vista, UAC gives system administrators better control over what features of the operating system that business users can access.

The downside of UAC is that it interrupts a PC user's work session with a pop-up window whenever they're about to do something UAC thinks is an administrative function.

Microsoft has announced plans to enhance UAC in the future to address this problem, but I've just got my paws on a beta of Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) which was originally due out during the current fourth quarter.

It doesn't change the UAC experience, nor does it speed up the operating system in any way. In fact, it's difficult to see what it includes other than the acres of updates released by Microsoft since the start of the year.

Oh, and the release of Vista SP1 has been put back to the first quarter of 2008.

A few IT managers I've talked to in my travels in recent weeks tell me they're waiting on SP1 before upgrading their XP desktop users to it, even on a trial basis.

So hats off (not) to Microsoft with Vista SP1. It's late, fails to address user concerns on several levels, including the UAC, and doesn't speed up the platform.

Chocolate teapot anyone?...