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Broadband summit to highlight UK's plight

The minister for Competitiveness (opens in new tab), Stephen Timms, together with other ministers will today hold an industry-wide meeting over how to tackle the growing gap between UK and other nations when it comes to ultra fast internet networks.

France is already ahead of UK when it comes to delivering speeds in excess of 50mbps at affordable prices, with other European countries soon joining the same league.

This leaves UK (opens in new tab) in a vulnerable situation, having to cope with speeds of up to 8mbps and limited line upgrades to 24mbps.

In 2008, BT will roll out ADSL2+ which will allow speeds of up to 24mbps although it is unclear whether this will be part of its 21CN project (opens in new tab) or just a temporary patch to cope with Britain's growing need for speed.

BT however has been adamant that they need the industry Regulator to raise the price of broadband for those customers would like high speed services to finance the investment, effectively mimicking similar demands in the US where the net neutrality debate hovers along the same lines.

Otherwise, other partners will have to chip in order to come up with the estimated GBP 25 bn investment.

Désiré Athow

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