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Swedish hacker claims unfair conviction following court case

A 19-year-old Swedish programming genius claims that, although he coded up the utilities to perform a number of system hacks, he didn't actually carry them out.

The Uppsala-based teenager's claims (opens in new tab) come after he was found guilty last week on seven counts of unauthorised access to a Swedish university's servers and research computers.

Newswire reports (opens in new tab) say that he is also suspected by the FBI of breaking into servers at Cisco Systems and stealing the firm's source code.

The teenager, who was just 16 when the crimes were committed, has been given a suspended prison sentence, and ordered to pay around US$32,000 to three Swedish universities and other parties.

The FBI, meanwhile, says that he is also suspected of breaking into Cisco's servers in May 2004 (opens in new tab)and stealing source code for networking equipment, which was later posted online.

The US agency claims to have made a formal request for the Swedish authorities to investigate the Cisco incident, although no extradition request has yet been made.

Following his conviction by the Swedish court of Appeal, the unnamed teenager said that the authorities "have destroyed my life before I'm even a grown-up..."