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Talktalk Broadband Hits Capacity Problem

The Independent (opens in new tab) via (opens in new tab) reports that Talktalk, the broadband offshoot of Carphone Warehouse, is facing some severe capacity constraints in some parts of UK.

Talktalk, which is famous for saying that Broadband should be a right, not a privilege, has given away free broadband, bundled with its local and international phone service and line rental.

According to the report, an email sent from Carphone Warehouse Chief Executive, Charles Dunstone, highlighted the fact that all exchanges within the 0208 areas of London were affected by intermittent bandwidth problems, especially during peak time periods.

These have generated about 2000 complaints over "non-connectivity issues" although Carphone Warehouse is already aware of the problem and has stepped up effort to ensure that there will soon be enough capacity to cope with the demand.

It is not known whether part of Carphone Warehouse to improve capacity will include using Intelligent Broadband Management Solutions like the Sandvine PTS 14000 (opens in new tab) which the company has already purchased.

Carphone Warehouse is the third largest broadband provider after BT and Virginmedia, with 2.5 million users.

Désiré Athow

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