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Grab The Rolls of PVRs for only GBP129.95

This is the Most popular Freeview DTR (Digital Television Recorder) in the UK. The Humax PVR-9200T-G (opens in new tab) is being sold by Humax direct to the public for a mere £129.95 + P&P.

The device is a grade A model and comes with 1 year warranty. Comet sold it for £179.99 so Humax's deal is a real bargain

- Twin Digital Tuner, can record 2 channels whilst viewing a third

- Upgraded for Freeview Playback later in 2007 via an automatically downloaded free Over Air Download

- Pause live TV and rewind live TV

- One touch recording from 8 day programme guide

- Tape-less record and playback (Max 100 hrs on 160GB hard drive)

- USB 2.0 port for connecting to your computer to archive your favourite programmes to DVD

- Dolby 5.1 optical output

- Common interface slot for Pay TV (requires separate CAM (not supplied))

- Automatic software update, to ensure the latest digital features are available

- Records subtitles with the ability to view or hide them during playback

- Auto-padding ensures you never miss the beginning and end of a programme

- Chase play enables you to watch a programme from the beginning whilst still recording the end

- Grade-A remanufactured as new by HUMAX

- 1 year warranty

- NOTE: This unit only records Freeview, not SKY or cable

Désiré Athow

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