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Say goodbye to SPIM with Microsoft

Interesting to read that Windows Live Messenger 9.0 (opens in new tab), the next iteration of Microsoft's IM application, has a feature to block SPIM - spam over instant messaging.

According to (opens in new tab), a Web site that covers Microsoft's Live range of Web-based applications, a beta test edition of Live Messenger 9.0 was released to a select group of testers earlier this week.

SPIM is rather like SPAM on steroids - hackers send an instant message to someone's IM account and up pops their message on the punter's screen. And if the message includes a rogue URL, then there's a goodly chance that the hapless punter will click on it.

Curiously, Liveside published a wodge of details on Messenger 9.0 on Wednesday of this week but then deleted the post on Thursday. The joy of Google's cache (opens in new tab)on the site, however, allows us to look at the deleted postings.

As well as blocking SPIM, the new version of Messenger reportedly (opens in new tab) copies Skype's facility of allowing simultaneous logins from multiple computers, as well as supporting animated GIF files and the ability to associate a specific sound with an action performed by one of their contacts.

One new feature I'm not that delirious about is the ability to click on URLs from within the status area - this increases the risk of a malware infection if someone gets through the SPIM barriers (if you see what I mean)...