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BT TV Platform introduces un-skippable ads

Finally, a major content provider comes up with the idea of having un-skippable ads into films on demands. Brad Insight (opens in new tab) reports that BT Vision online download store will allow downloaders to watch movies for free provided that they watch accompanying ads.

If the three month trial proves to be a success, then expect the roll out of 30 second ads to be displayed in movies to happen within 12 months.

Once downloaded, the film will be available for one month and providing the viewer is online, at each viewing different ads will be shown. Viewers can also send the films to friends via email to be viewed on the same terms.

The move comes two weeks after news reports (opens in new tab) that IBM filed a patent that would force users to watch adverts during films and only a few days after three of the five traditional broadcasters came together to launch the Kangaroo platform which will compete with BT Vision.

Like the latter, Kangaroo is expected to offer a mix of ad supported, free content, pay per view premium content and download to own services. It is interesting to see that Fremantlemedia, which is a sister company of Channel Five, is a partner in the venture. Channel Five is not part of the Kangaroo platform.

Désiré Athow

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