Facebook faces press lynching

Ex-Microsoft super blogger, Robert Scoble and Josh Quittner from CNN's Techland are pondering whether Facebook has not morphed into its worst nightmare.

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have been faced with a number of issues and concerns which have turned Facebook from net darling to web villain.

Although the Facebook machine is well lubricated and working perfectly well, it is actually the periphery of Facebook, specifically its Public Relations department that is lacking any kind of stamina.

Facebook is a young company and like youngsters, it is making some errors like the recent Beacon system which has caused many users to grumble or the whole Zuckerberg Diary fiasco.

Quittner was quick to point out that unlike Netscape or Google, Facebook does not have a role-model, a daddy within the company to guide and advise Mark Zuckerberg and his team.

Techcrunch is already saying that some advertisers are already leaving the Facebook boat amidst concerns over privacy issues.

What's even more worrying is that Beacon Partners are sending copious amounts of data of every single visitor to Facebook even if these users are NOT Facebook users.

Computer Associates has found out that even those who have deactivated their accounts are still at risk of seeing sticky Facebook slurp not only detailed data from them but also their IP address.