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SoftScan says that spam is going multi-lingual

SoftScan, (opens in new tab) the managed email specialist, says that levels of spam - which have been rampaging at an all-time high in recent months - are heading even further into the stratosphere, with multi-lingual messages bulking up the numbers.

During November, SoftScan reckons that 96.3 per cent of messages scanned by its systems were classed as junk mail, with multi-lingual spam levels rising.

According to Diego d'Ambra, the firm's chief technology officer, the grammar and spelling in the non-English spam is now a lot more convincing for native speakers than before.

Previously, he said, spammers were using electronic translation, but have now woken up to the fact that, if they want people to respond in some way, real and effective language is required.

SoftScan says that this was the sixth consecutive month that spam has topped the 90 per cent mark - since June, junk mail has grown from the low nineties percentage-wise to more than 96 per cent, with two large increases in September (93.51 per cent) and October (96.10 per cent) to November's high of 96.3 per cent.

In contrast, the managed service provider says (opens in new tab), the volume of viruses within email messages appears to have fallen back to levels seen before the summer. During November, viruses accounted for just 0.08 per cent of email scanned...