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Dwindling Spiral: The increasingly degraded practices of Adult Friend Finder

As a follow-up to my recent post about AFF (opens in new tab), we now see them using video hard core porn to lure more subscribers.

While AFF has allegedly used fake pictures of porn stars (opens in new tab) in the past to promote their site, this is a video clip of hard core porn that plays as an ad — something that is new.

And AFF is getting aggressive on subscriber acquisition, which they’ve made clear to their affiliates (opens in new tab):

Reminder: Medley is giving an extra $20,000 to the affiliates with the biggest signup increase for the last two weeks of November (Nov 18 - Dec 1) vs the first two weeks (Nov 4 - Nov 17th). All FriendFinder affiliates with accounts older than one month are eligible. Signup increases will be measured by combined signups on Adult FriendFinder,,,,, and our newest hit: The top increasing affiliate will receive $10k, the 2nd place affiliate $2k, and the next 8 affiliates will each receive $1k.

But we’re not done yet. We are running a 10% bonus for November. To qualify, all you need to do is earn more in November than you did in September and October (which ever had the highest daily average earnings) and we’ll add 10% to your November earnings.*

I hope the alleged buyer of AFF (opens in new tab)knows what they’re getting into….

Alex is a technology CEO, with leadership, operating partner, investor, and board member roles at security firms including AutoLoop, Borland, Quarterdeck (now Symantec and Cisco WebEx), GFI/TeamViewer, Sunbelt Software (now ThreatTrack Security), BlueStripe Software, StopBadware, Knowbe4, Malwarebytes, and Runaware Holding AB. When CEO of Sunbelt he ran a security blog, and he still writes on security.