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Jitterbit kick-starts an OSS solution marketplace

Jitterbit claims to the "World's most popular Open Source integration platform" - which surprised me as I had not heard of them before.

The idea of setting up sites to enable the selling of software components is hardly new (although rarely successful) and of course sharing is precisely what an OSS community is supposed to be about. What is more interesting about the "Trading Post" idea is that

- It focuses on solutions: i.e. not just source code for the bits of the puzzle but also the patterns and knowledge essential to deliverying the complete solution. And directs potential users to the services provided by "Trading Post" providers who can help to deliver the solution and

- It focuses on both application specific solutions (such as JD Edwards) and industry specific solutions. Again moving the emphasis away from raw technology towards problem solving.

- It provides an interesting revenue opportunity for OSS service providers/vendors who often struggle to drive revenue from support/maintenance alone. This is because it crisply defines the value they (as Trading Post providers) can give around specific solutions.

While just launched, it is already 'pre-stocked' with 50 solutions which demonstrates a certain amount of apparent momentum. Perhaps it is a model other OSS vendors should take a look at...