O2 happy with iPhone sales till now

O2, the exclusive network partner for the iPhone in the UK, has revealed that 75 percent of the buyers of iPhone come from other networks.

That's up from two thirds, the figure which was reported on the 13th of November by Times Online.

The head of O2, Matthew Key, did not disclosed how many iPhone have been sold or what were O2 estimates but did mention that sales were in line with O2's internal estimates.

O2 is also looking to attract more broadband users by bundling its ADSL services - managed by another Telefonica branch, Be - at a cut price offer.

The Register reported on the 23rd of November that only 27,000 O2 iPhones were activated, according to "reliable channel sources" with Carphone Warehouse having shifted only 11,000 in the first week.

As a benchmark, more than 8,000 iPhones were activated at the close of business on Sunday the 11th of November, two days after the iPhone was launched.