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TJX tackles MasterCard after Visa settlement

Hard on the heels of a rather large settlement with Visa over its payment card database hacking fiasco revealed almost 12 months ago, the TJX group of companies, which includes TJ Maxx here in the UK, has filed a subpoena against MasterCard, alleging that the card company has supplied the retailer with insufficient info.

Insufficient info on what, I'm inclined to wonder. There's no question that TJX' global transaction database was hacked over a long period of time, so what is the company playing at?

Neither MasterCard nor TJX is saying much about the subpoena, but I'll wager it's really a negotiating tactic, as TJX reportedly faces a barrage of lawsuits (opens in new tab)from individual US banks over its handling of the affair.

If it can settle with MasterCard, as it did with Visa earlier in the month, then these lawsuits will effectively be defused.

I'm a bit tired of US companies filing lawsuits at each other over data security issues.

I'm also tired of companies that settle with big firms like Visa and MasterCard, yet fail to compensate cardholders for all the aggro caused by their security inadequacies.

Talking of which, I wonder if HMRC will be compensating taxpayers for its own data security shortcomings... (opens in new tab)