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Be Internet launches home monitoring system

Apparently capitalising on the data speeds available with its ADSL 2 Plus (opens in new tab) broadband service, Be Internet has launched a Vodcast home monitoring service to allow punters to monitor their homes remotely via Webcam.

Remote monitoring is nothing new, of course, but the fact that ADSL 2 Plus can support upstream data speeds of around 1.2 Mbps in the real world - around three times that of ADSLMax (opens in new tab)- means that higher definition images and at greater frequencies, can be sent.

Be Internet, now a subsidiary of O2, is charging punters a fairly hefty £150.00 for the home monitoring system and a fiver a month for the service.

This is quite pricey as broadband home monitoring systems go, especially the fiver a month subscription, although the wireless camera is billed as being remote controllable using a keyfob.

Punters can, it is claimed, watch a live stream from their home Webcam, and access up to 100 stored alarm incidents.

The camera is said to support email, SMS and MMS alerts, and punters can receive up to 100 SMS and 100 MMS messages to their mobiles as part of the deal.

Be Internet has posted as demo of the Vodcast system on YouTube - see here

I'd like to say more about the home monitoring system, but aside from the press release issued last week (and the salesy YouTube vid), there doesn't appear to be anything about the Vodcast service online.

And neither O2 broadband nor Be Internet's helplines know anything about the service either. Nice marketing guys...