takes leadership in Search Engine Privacy

Search Engine Wanabee,, has launched a new service called AskEraser for its Ask UK and users.

This is a new privacy feature that allows users to delete their search data activity, including their IP address, user ID, session ID and their query text.

You can turn AskEraser on and off at will but it is not be retroactively applied - i.e previous search can't be deleted.

Earlier this year, took the bold step of completely disassociate search history from a user's IP address and User ID information after 18 months.

The moves, says, have been prompted by users' feedbacks and concerns about their privacy.

In comparison, Google allows you to delete some or all of your web history (which includes everything from Sponsored links to Videos and maps).

Ask is slowly catching up on Microsoft's MSN/live search engine as it registered a two-digit rise in October 2007 with more than 10 million searches being carried out on the search engine every day.