Scotland grabs Massive Data Centre project

Property Firm Internet Villages International (IVI) has announced that it will build a green-powered "data farm" in the north of Lockerbie, Scotland.

The three-year project will start in 2008 and will receive GBP 26m in terms of funding.

The Data Centre will cost GBP 600 million to build and will be powered by biomass and local wind farms according to Peter Hawkin who announced the plan.

700 homes will also be created with the promise of more than 500 jobs; there were no details regarding whether those jobs will be created by the construction plan or whether they are long term jobs associated with the data centre - which is highly unlikely.

The Lockerbie Data Farm will consist of approximately 20 data centres and will cover 3 million square feet.

The project should dwarf Microsoft's announced data centre which will be built in Ireland which will cost GBP 250 million and will be completed by Mid-2009.