UK Gov loses More CDROMs in the post

Two weeks after the full extent of the HRMC debacle was revealed to a flabbergasted nation, the UK government has fallen foul to even more data lost (or stolen).

Two discs from the Driver and Vehicle Agency in Northern Ireland got "lost" during transit in the hands of Parcelforce.

The discs, which were unencrypted, are said to contain details nearly 8000 vehicles and more than 6,000 vehicle owners; but rest assured, there's no bank/financial information, according to authorities.

The parcel containing the CDROM was dispatched on the 20th of November and both arrived in Coventry, however, both then vanished, never to be recovered.

Brendan Magee, chief executive of the Driver and Vehicle Agency, told the BBC that the fact that the data was not encrypted was a weakness that was identified through one of their (numerous) reviews; since then, a way to close that loophole had yet to be found.

He added "Unfortunately, this incident had taken place before we completed the review and we deeply regret it and we regret the embarrassment we caused to the customers."

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