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2008 predix: the iPhone will be a hacker target

According to the annual predictions for the coming year released by Arbor Networks’ security and engineering research team, the iPhone is likely to be a major target for hackers in the New Year.

The reason, the firm says, is that the iPhone is a readily identifiable software-driven device that is in growing use by a range of well-heeled individuals.

The iPhone attacks, the company says, are likely to come in the shape of malware embedded into seemingly harmless information, images or other media that actually perform dangerous actions when rendered on the iPhone’s Web browser.

With the scrutiny the iPhone has received since its launch earlier this year about network lock-in issues, Arbor networks believes that hackers will be encouraged by the prospect of attacking Apple users and the opportunity to “be the first” to hack a new platform.

Hmmmm. Interesting prediction. I must confess that, initially at least, I was a bit sceptical about the prediction, until I realised that Apple still hasn’t released its software development kit for the iPhone to third-party developers.

This means there will be a paucity of third-party iPhone software, so any malware-driven “free” software released on the Net will stand a much higher chance of being downloaded and installed by iPhone users hungry for new applications. Oo-er missus…