Computer retailers forced to be more security proactive

PC Pro reports that members of the Professional Computing Association (PCA) are to start offering advises to customers about using the internet safely in a bid to reduce risks associated with the web.

In what is an industry first, the PCA has responded positively to calls by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children to participate in making vulnerable Internet users - particularly children - more aware of pitfalls and online dangers.

The 850-member strong organisation, which generated a turnover of GBP 50 billion, will offer a range of services like installing adequate security software on the computers they will sell and directing customers to the NSPCC's website and produce a flyer in the near future which will list the steps to take to ensure maximum security.

The PCA is also considering compiling a list of advises in the form of tutorials for customers willing to secure their computers.

PCA CEO Keith Warburton said “Safety of our children is something that we all take very seriously, but it’s sometimes too easy to assume that the cure for a problem is in someone else’s hands. Here’s something that our members can do quite easily; it costs them little or nothing, it demonstrates their professionalism and it can safeguard a child. What’s not to do?”