Power consumption, still a huge problem for servers

Developing countries are quickly catching up on the US when it comes to power consumption associated with Servers, Cooling equipment and related infrastructure, according to a report commissioned by Chip Maker AMD and produced by Research firm Koomey.

The report which looked at figures up to 2005 shows that the US consumed up to 40 percent of the worldwide server related power consumption although the study says that this will certainly fall down as data centres become more popular and move to places outside the US.

The research firm estimates that in 2005, the worldwide power consumption was equivalent to seven 2000MW power plants.

Kommey also found out that the Asia Pacific region will take a greater share of power consumption as this area experiences above average growth thanks to an increasingly connected audience and expects it to reach 16 percent by 2010 up from 10 percent in 2000.

Altogether Europe, US and Japan account for three quarters of the worldwide power server and server related consumption.

A separate article in the Washingtonpost shows that US data centres consumed 61 billion kilowatt hour of electricity in 2006, which is enough to power nearly Six million American households.