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Say hello to your CyberLover…

PC Tools, the IT security software specialist, says it has spotted an identity theft application called CyberLover floating around in the wild on t’Internet.

The software is said to conduct fully automated flirtatious conversations with users of Internet chatrooms and dating sites, luring punters into sharing their identity or visiting Web sites with malicious content.

According to its creators, CyberLover can establish a new relationship with up to ten partners in just 30 minutes and its victims cannot distinguish it from a human being.

PC Tools say it is worried about the application’s ability to mimic human behaviour during online interactions and urges Netters to beware of this new breed of software that can easily be used for malicious purposes.

The concept behind the software, said Sergei Shevchenko, PC Tools senior malware analyst, could signal a dangerous new trend in malware evolution.

“As a tool that can be used by hackers to conduct identity fraud, CyberLover demonstrates an unprecedented level of social engineering,” he said, adding that it creates a highly intelligent dialogue that targets users of social networking systems.

The software is very flexible, says PC Tools, and interacts with punters using a variety of profiles ranging from `romantic lover’ to `sexual predator.’

The bad news is that CyberLover auto-compiles a detailed report on every person it “meets” and files this to a remote source.

Because of the way the software operates, the software vendor is warning the security industry to prepare itself for a new trend of malware which uses “natural language dialogue systems” - a technology that it claims has already been widely deployed within the computer games industry…