Spam makes up 95 percent of email traffic

Barracuda networks unveiled some worrying findings in its latest report about spam propagation in our mailbox.

The security firm analysed over one billion emails going to its 50,000 customers and found out that between 90 to 95 percent of all emails were Spam, a phenomenal increase from the 5 percent registered back in 2001.

Barracuda's devices block spam before it reaches the client inbox and the company has a near real-time spam counter.

This growing proportion is even more significant when compared to 2004, when the federal CAN-SPAM Act, which set parameters for sending unsolicited email and defined penalties for spammers, went into effect.

On the day the report was release, more than 92 percent of the two billion emails received by Barracuda's clients were spam.

In a related announcement, Barracuda found out, from a poll of 261 professionals, that more than half consider that spam is the worst form of unwanted advertising.

Although the report does point to increasing popular habit of attaching files (PDF, MP3 or spreadsheets) to emails in order to bypass filters, it does not cover the growing threat of phishing emails which have surged in the past year.