UK is Europe's Social Network Champion

A report released by watchdog Ofcom showed that UK has the greatest proportion of internet-enabled users in Europe who regularly visit social networking sites like Facebook or Myspace.

Nearly forty percent of UK adults with an internet access used social networking sites, which dwarfs other European countries in the survey.

UK even surpasses Japan and the US, although Canada had the largest proportion of social networking adults - 53 percent of Canadian adults with internet visit Social Networking sites.

The report also found that 25 percent of UK adults sneak into SN sites at least 23 times per month; showing that it is no longer the exclusive domain of teenagers and trendy yuppies.

Britons spend on average 11 minutes per day on SN sites like Facebook, Bebo and the likes.

The report used data from 2006 with additional figures from 2007 where relevant.