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Nokia debuts "Point to Buy" technology

Nokia has announced that it is working on a camera that will allow its users to take a snap of an item they'd like to buy, look for the best prices and then get it delivered within 24 hours.

"Point and Find (opens in new tab)" is one of the projects developed by Nokia's Recent Centre in Helsinki and has been in gestation for five years.

The boffins reckon that it might take three more years before Nokia releases it to the masses.

The technology (opens in new tab) uses a special picture recognition software inside the phone to process the photo and dispatch via the net to a search engine which then looks out for the best prices online.

The user then only needs to confirm whether they want to purchase the item or not.

James Waterworth, of the Nokia Research Centre, said: “This is one of the concepts we have developed and it’s called ‘augmented reality’, adding “We believe that because your phone is very clever and it can search for something with keyboard text, the next step is to search using a photo taken with the camera."

Désiré Athow

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